About Us

Hi there!

We have created an environment which we hope will become a home away from home for you.

fitforlife about page imageThe moment you pass through our door we know it will become immediately apparent that you are in a special place where you can become fit, grow strong and renew your spirit.

We have listened to dozens of women – many long-term clients, who would never darken the door of a fitness club. You know the reasons. Who wants to be “on display” at the local gym or stand in line behind the guy with the 60-inch chest, especially if you feel like a leg of lamb behind the meat counter? Maybe you’re not into red walls, rubber floors and blaring rock-and-roll.

There is also more to life than melting into a puddle while pounding on a treadmill. At the Oasis, we have talented, caring professional massage therapists and estheticians who can help you feel and look your best.

trainer and therapist cares about more than the shape of your legs or the curve of an eyebrow – that’s why they’re here.

When you become a member at our fitness center you can work out on your own six days a week. We have state-of-the-art equipment and people who can answer your fitness questions.

As a client we can provide you with an extensive set of options to help you achieve your fitness goals through individual or group training sessions or classes designed to make your own workouts more effective. Our personal trainers are true professionals who understand women’s fitness issues.

For a therapeutic retreat, simply proceed upstairs to the Oasis. Have a fantastic massage, facial or other treatment, and make your day something special.

The Fit For Life Transformation Center for Women is a nurturing place. It would be our privilege to see you share this experience with us.


– Chip Smith (Founder, Author)